SeaCore System

the ultimate saltwater system, unmatched corrosion protection, unequalled performance


SeaCore logoSaltwater can take its toll on marine propulsion systems. That is why the SeaCore™ System from MerCruiser offers more than just improved corrosion resistance. It’s as close as a marine propulsion system can come to being corrosion-proof.

The heart of the corrosion-resistant strength of the SeaCore System is the hardcoat anodizing of the drive alloy. This process actually changes the molecular structure of the XK-360 aluminium alloy, creating a shield against the ravages of galvanic corrosion. Hardcoat anodizing is also more abrasion resistant than case-hardened steel, but if the drive is scratched, the anodizing slows the destructive growth of corrosion through the drive surface.

The SeaCore System also provides corrosion protection for the engine with features like closed-cooling and a stainless steel package.


Corrosion protection features :

  • Industrial hardcoat anodized XK-360 aluminium alloy
  • MerCathode® active corrosion protection
  • SeaCore stainless steel package
  • Closed-cooling system
  • Dry-joint exhaust system
  • EDP coated (Electro Deposition Paint) or stainless steel exhaust elbows
  • Freshwater Flushing



3 Year Warranty 4 Years Warranty
Four-year limited
warranty against
corrosion failure.




SeaCore & SeaCore and Axius are available on 350 MAG • 377 MAG • 8.2 MAG • 8.2 MAG HO