350 MAG: Dependable, Efficient & Clean, the Power to Have Fun

Delivering 300 hp, the 350 MAG is the perfect choice for the power-hungry boater. Impressive torque combines with smooth delivery for spirited acceleration and quiet operation. The 350 MAG is ideal for powering larger runabouts and cruisers. The timeless small block V-8 base engine features a roller tappet camshaft for less friction and heavy-duty internal components for excellent reliability and long life. All of our V8 Bravo Multi-Port Injection (MPI) sterndrive models are available with optional Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), which eliminates cable maintenance and provides consistent smooth shifting.

This engine is available with:

  • MerCruiser SeaCore System
  • Axius
  • MerCruiser SeaCore and Axius

The MerCruiser SeaCore Sterndrive System is the power option for boaters who want the best of everything – from performance to technology to durability. The wide power range makes SeaCore perfect for everything from performance boats to large runabouts, while the completely unmatched corrosion protection system offers real peace of mind. In addition, SeaCore makes ownership worry-free with features such as an engine-mounted freshwater flush port and easy oil drain system. Click here http://www.mercuryseacore.com to learn more about SeaCore.

The MerCruiser Axius Piloting System puts state-of-the-art, pinpoint control at your fingertips, so you can accurately guide your boat without worry – even in the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re traversing through a crowded marina, nestling into a tough-to-navigate jetty or trying to secure a prime parking slip with the wind and current running against you, you will always have the upper hand with an Axius-powered boat.

Both the MerCruiser Axius system and the MerCruiser SeaCore system offer unmatched improvements to boating - so why not combining them? The result is a combination of our awards winning Axius Piloting system and the corrosion protection of our SeaCore sterndrive system. MerCruiser Axius will give you pinpoint control at your fingertips to accurately guide your boat without worry while the MerCruiser SeaCore system offers you longevity and corrosion protection for your engine sterndrive package for long lasting fun on the water and real peace of mind.

2 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year Corrosion Warranty Emmisions Control