Green Technology

Emissions control technology


Emission ControlOur commitment to environmental conservation continues with the introduction of our Emissions Control (EC) technology, the new exhaust catalyst system from MerCruiser. Significantly reducing harmful exhaust emissions, these catalyzed engines offer full performance and improved fuel economy.

Emissions control is available on 3.0 MPI • 4.3 MPI • 5.0 MPI • 350 MAG • 377 MAG • 8.2 MAG • 8.2 MAG HO • 5.7 MPI • 5.7 Horizon • 6.2 MPI • 6.2 Horizon • 8.2 Horizon • 8.2 HO • Tow Sport 5.7 MPI • Scorpion 350


SmartCraft MercMonitor featuring ECO-Screen
Go green with ECO-Screen!




Arrow indicates best engine trim level for optimum fuel efficiency Yellow screen warns of poor fuel economy Arrow indicates best boat cruising RPM for optimum fuel efficiency Green screen indicates boat is achieving best fuel economy


What is ECO-Screen?

ECO-Screen is a feature that tells you what you need to do, as a boater, to obtain the best fuel economy for your application.

The ECO feature is constantly monitoring engine RPM, boat speed, fuel consumption and engine trim to automatically calculate and guide you to your best fuel economy settings.


Benefits : 

  • 10 - 20% increase in fuel economy (based on average user)


  • Automatic - No calibration needed! The ECO feature is always working in the background to optimize your fuel economy


  • User friendly - Easy to understand user prompts that tell you exactly what you need to do


  • Multi-color Screen - ECO-Screen uses colors and reverse video to show you, at a glance, when you've optimized your fuel economy. (Green = Optimized, Yellow = Not Optimized)