Axius and Axius Premier

MerCruiser Axius joystick docking.
Who’s in charge? You are.

Axius_logoWith the Axius system you can control power and location with your fingertips. Need to go to the right? Push the joystick to the right. Hard and fast to the left? Push the joystick further to the left. With the Axius system the thrust is proportional to the amount of joystick movement – so the more you push the joystick in a particular direction, the more thrust is applied. All without the need of costly bow and stern thrusters. This proportional control makes docking easy and intuitive.


  • Simply twist the Axius joystick to turn to the boat around. Perfect for changing your direction in tight spaces.


  • Move the Axius joystick to the left, right or at any angle to move your boat precisely at your control.


  • Move the Axius joystick toward the bow or stern of the boat to move directly forward or backward.



More options. More control.

Axius Premier logoWith either Axius or Axius Premier to choose from, you now
have more options when it comes to enjoying leading
edge, intuitive sterndrive control. In addition, it’s important
to remember that a boat package with either Axius or Axius
Premier raises the overall value during the initial purchase
and at resale.

See how they compare.
Take a quick look at how the two levels of Axius technology compare.



Axius Axius Premier
Joystick Control System
Docking Mode
SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift
Auto Yaw Control *
Auto Pilot
Auto Heading
Skyhook™ **

* It adjusts for wind and current influence within the limits of GPS resolution.

** Skyhook is a nautical station-keeping system, using throttle, shift and steering that holds a boat in place. Skyhook is useful to hold your boat at a fishing location, when you wait for a spot at a busy fuel dock or a drawbridge to open. It should not be used when swimmers or other boats are in the immediate area.

Axius is available on 5.0 MPI • 350 MAG • 377 MAG • 8.2 MAG • 8.2 MAG HO